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April 17, 2014
A head scratcher for you: If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

Here's another: if a student finishes a homework assignment, why would he not turn it in?

Across the school, hundreds of completed homework assignments are sitting in folders, living in the bottom of backpacks for some inexplicable reason. Why don't they get turned in??

Recently I've come up with a theory - and interestingly, it leads back to students' self-advocacy (or lack thereof): 

1. Students who have the HW problem don't have the best organizational skills. 
2. Most of the work that doesn't get turned in was done after the due date. (The student hopes to turn it in late for partial credit.)
3. Teachers do not regularly ask for late work - doing this would undermine the expectation of completing work on time.
4. Therefore, students who have late work must make extra effort to talk to the teacher about turning it in late.

Step 4 is where it breaks down.

Parents, talk to your kids about how and when to talk to teachers. Model for them and give them specific phrases to use.  Ask them to repeat back your phrases.  Role play - you be the teacher, they'll be themselves.

"Excuse me, Ms. _______, but I have some late work to turn in.  I am sorry it is late, but I'd be grateful if you would accept it and give me partial credit.  I will do better in the future and turn my work in on time."  

I'd fall out of my chair if I heard this from a student. Yes, I'd probably give him a short lecture about the importance of being organized, but I'd be swelling with pride about the way he advocated for himself.  The thing is, every student can and must be able to self-advocate in order to be a successful adult.  Let's help them.

I welcome your comments and questions. Email me at gchang@mvwsd.org.

April 3, 2014
Due to the adoption of the Common Core Standards, there will be some notable changes in the scheduling of mathematics classes for next school year, especially for advanced students. In order to explain these changes in depth, I will be presenting at the PTA All-Association Meeting on April 15 at 7:00, as well as be hosting a "Math Pathways" meeting on two separate occasions: April 24 and April 29, both at 6:30 in the Crittenden MUR.

All families are cordially encouraged to attend, especially those with students who are currently in an advanced math class or are considering an advanced math class next year.

For more information, please contact me directly at gchang@mvwsd.org or (650) 903-6945.

Food for Thought...
with guest columnists - the CHAC Team at Crittenden

We all know what it feels like to experience stress and anxiety. It can be triggered by so many things.

Anxiety and stress is almost always triggered by a fear of the future. Even if we are experiencing anxiety NOW because of an unpleasant past experience, it is related to a fear of the future happening AGAIN.  

Adults and kids are experiencing anxiety and stress today more than ever before. And for kids, due to the overwhelming responsibilities placed upon them, particularly in school, anxiety has become all too common.

So what can YOU do as a parent to help your kids?

The answer is to help kids (and yourself) connect to a safe, secure, happy and successful future. If you KNOW that your future has great things coming, you feel happy and peaceful in your NOW. But when you have a fear that the future is unsafe, you experience anxiety in your NOW.

Here are 2 quick tips to help your kids connect with a BRIGHT and HAPPY future.

  1. Begin talking about the future in positive terms only. When you talk about 'what if's' in negative ways, you are projecting negativity into the future for you and your kids. If you want to feel good NOW, then you must create a vision of happiness and success in your future.

  1. Try on different futures.  Sometimes we aren't sure which decision to make. This happens often, especially for teenagers faced with so many choices as they are becoming more independent. When faced with choices, whether that be a certain job to take, a college major to pursue, step into the picture of each choice and wear that energy. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and feel yourself in each of these choices, one at a time. Notice as much as you can about each situation. How are you feeling?  Really take the time to notice how you feel.  Are you anxious?  If so, your child is most likely picking up on your anxiety. You have to model for them how to healthily deal with that anxiety.

By nurturing this relationship with your Future Self, through Future Visioning, you are going to feel more confident in your choices as well as empowered about being the creator of your future rather than an effect of it.

Excerpted from Successful Kids Revolution by Julie Kleinhann.  
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8th Grade: Krizia A, Alex B, Eryka C, Via C, Wing C, Edwin C, Nicole G, Lauren E, Nicole G, K'ronna H, Alessia H, Colin H, An H, Rachel K, Yasmine N, Kaely R, Samantha R, Yann S, Edgar T, Estella T, Hailey W, Linnea W

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